Welcome To The Bass Player's Vault

This website is designed to offer a starting point for those who locally have expressed their interest in playing bass. Every bass player has a story behind how they got started and what stumbling blocks were before them in the beginning. Inside the Vault, is a place to discover some building blocks to playing bass as well as information to inform and assist you with hardware selection. Hopefully your discovery will bring color to what sometimes seem to be unanswered black and white questions.  Under the header "Start Practice" on the upper left are the steps to begin building your understanding. While the menu selections across the top do not suggest practice, it does however provide an awareness which can impact your purchasing, maintenance, modifications, tone, feel and an overall knowledge of bass guitar hardware. As you search, experiment and experience various equipment types, you will ultimately develop your own personal hardware preferences.  During your quest in playing bass, remember you get out what you put in. So I say again and again, practice, practice and again practice.

Bass Basics found within ~The Vault~

Your attraction to playing bass may have been sparked by a technique you heard, either slap bass, harmonics or a certain sound created by some hardware combination. Either way, after you've learned the basics, your growth will unfold an easy transition to investigating and playing advanced scales, arpeggios and the combination of these put together. Practice turns into repetition, familiarity which ultimately sparks creativity and broadens your understanding of the many ways you can express yourself through playing. As a beginner, start with Step-1. Take your time. Repeat several times until it no longer feels like a lesson, but a story you want to write and rewrite over and over gain, then move to the next step. My story will not be told here, but my discoveries along the way I share here with you to put it together, play it better and take it farther.